How Do You CU?

    I “C” the freshman-year-of-high-school me sitting in a mandatory personal finance class. The year is 2006 and my school district just adopted a plan to make personal finance a core part of the curriculum. Our final project included making a five year finance plan, and while I appreciate the gesture, it couldn’t have been less helpful.

    Now, nearly eight years, a diploma, a Bachelor’s Degree and some great training from the school of hard knocks later, I can’t help but look back to that class and think about how much life has changed since 2006. A lot of us never stop to think about how much our college degrees really cost us, how a home is the most expensive thing we’ll ever buy, or how to even live within our means.  

    That’s how “How Do You CU?” can help. We’re all credit union employees with our own perspectives on personal finance. TJ is in his late-20s and is recently married. Joel is in his early 30s, married with two young boys. I, Michelle, am a recent college graduate navigating the adult-world for the first time. We realize a lot of you are in the same position as we all are, and we know that we can help you through it.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading our first post. Be sure to check back each week for the newest tips and tricks for navigating your financial life. And if you like what we post here, you’ll love what we post on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

    Okay, I’m done shamelessly promoting us.

What’s the one piece of personal finance advice you could give to yourself ten years ago? Tell us, how did you “CU?”

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