25 Things I'd Rather Spend Money on Than Bank Fees

25 Things I'd Rather Spend Money on Than Bank Fees

Checking account fees. “Maintenance” charges. Out-of-network ATM fees. Minimum balance fees. Did you know that the average American pays $4.35 per out-of-network ATM transaction? And, when the average Joe (or JoAnn) doesn’t meet the requirements for a checking account balance or minimum direct deposit amount, he/she might be paying an average of $15 per month extra (source).

I can think of so many things I’d rather spend money on than bank fees. Here are just a few:

  1. A luxurious morning latte instead of home brew

  2. A donation to a local charity

  3. Cheap baseball tickets

  4. Fund a savings account for travel

  5. Deduct a little more from my pay for my 401(K)

  6. A bunch of gum at the checkout counter

  7. My favorite dish, Chicken Parmesan, at my favorite St. Louis restaurant, Zia’s

  8. Offset grocery or gas costs

  9. A manicure

  10. Splurging on a $0.99 iPhone app

  11. A day of parking at the St. Louis Zoo (instead of walking 100 miles from street parking)

  12. A dozen donuts for my department

  13. Lawn seats at a summer concert

  14. The upgraded tour at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery

  15. A new shirt

  16. A trip to the City Museum in St. Louis (or, a trip to any museum charging admission)

  17. Head to the Farmer’s Market and load up on fruits and veggies

  18. Spend a day at Raging Rivers Water Park

  19. Splurge on tickets and rides at a carnival

  20. Pay it forward in line at a fast food joint

  21. Support local artists at a craft show

  22. Go bowling on a day other than $2 Tuesday

  23. Buy some new plants for my garden

  24. Payment against the principle on my auto loan

  25. Add extra to my emergency fund

I’m sure there’s at least one thing you can think of that you’d rather spend money on than fees. $15, or $7.99, or even $4 may not seem like a lot, but why spend money on something you can get for free?To quote the great “Bank On More” campaign, “There’s more to life than fees.” Make the switch to a credit union. Your wallet will thank you.

What’s the most annoying charge you’ve ever received? Is it a bank fee, or some other sort of fee? Tweet your responses to us at @AmEagleCU!

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