Best Things to Buy in November:  Black Friday Edition

Best Things to Buy in November: Black Friday Edition

Black Fridays have a notorious history of large crowds and long lines while camping outside of your favorite retailer.  Fortunately, with the popularity of the day combined with an increase of online shopping, our 2017 Black Friday looks promising and calmer than any other year.  Review all the best prices before hitting your holiday shopping list with our 8 best things to buy in November—Black Friday edition.

1.     Phones/Tablets

By mid-November, the latest iPhone and Samsung phones should be stocked and available for the best Black Friday deals.  In the past few years, most retailers have offered a bonus gift card when you purchase the latest model and/or switch your service provider. 

Black Friday Shopping Tip:  Upgrading phones and switching phone plans can be a longer process than time may allow on Black Friday.  Call ahead to the store and ask if appointments are available for that day or if they’ll honor the deal for a specific timeframe. 

2.     Televisions

Televisions will be found at massive discounts on Black Friday.  Last year, some 4K TVs had up to a $400 discount and other Smart TVs saw up to $1,000 in savings!  As you plan out your day, make sure to purchase higher-end products, like TVs, first to ensure the specific model you want is in stock. 

3.     Computers

Computers are one of the best-selling deals found on Black Friday, so if you have this on your shopping list it may be time to start reviewing sneak peek ads at your favorite retailer to see what their system will be for purchasing that day.  As with most electronics on Black Friday, there may be a limited amount available, so aim to make this an early morning item to grab!

4.    Gaming Consoles

There are many predictions for huge savings on gaming consoles this year.  Hot items to keep an eye on include the Xbox One S, PS4 Slim, and basic PlayStation VR bundles.  Most of the latest gaming consoles see a large increase in demand on Black Friday and this year is no different, especially with the Xbox One X expected to be released on November 7th. 

5.    Clothing

Expect to see discounts as high as 50% off on winter coats, sweaters, t-shirts, and dress shirts.  Kids’ holiday dress wear is also expected to see a large discount for those upcoming family parties!

6.     Small Appliances

Items such as K-cup machines, vacuums, and cordless drills are some of the more popular Black Friday appliance deals and guaranteed to make it on a few wish lists. 

7.     Toys

If you have little ones to buy for, keep an eye out for some of the most popular toys to advertise huge discounts around this week.  Some toy distributors will promote their sales before or after Black Friday in order to keep up with demand. 

8.    Bridal Dresses

Bridal stores will lower the prices on current inventory to make room for new dresses coming in December, which is one of the most popular months for couples to get engaged. 


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What are Your Black Friday Shopping Tips?
We want to hear how you strategize your holiday shopping.  Share your Black Friday shopping tips with us in the comment section below!

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