Best Things to Buy in December

Best Things to Buy in December

December is one of the busiest months of the year to go shopping, and among your friends and family there’s usually one person who is really difficult to buy for.  Why not get your ‘hard-to-buy-for’ special person a gift to remember by choosing an item out of our “Best Things to Buy in December” list.  We’ll even give you some ideas on who might be the right fit for the right gift!

1.     Winter Apparel.  This might seem like arriving too late to a party when you purchase winter apparel for holiday gifts, but this month is when items such as coats and jackets reach their most affordable cost.  (And according to our calendars, winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st!  There’s plenty of time to make use of those items this season.)

Best people to buy this gift for:  From the “fashionista” in your life who will always welcome more blanket scarves to the littlest ones quickly growing out of their clothing options, winter clothes are a perfect gift for them!  Make it a perfect gift by checking sizes first.

2.    Gift Cards.  When in doubt, gift cards are ideal presents for those hard-to-buy friends or family members.  Purchase a gift card from one of their favorite retailers, or find a new restaurant close to their home to try a new dining experience!

Best people to buy this gift for:  Anyone in your life—in fact, they’re one of the most asked for items during this season. 

Our family purchases gift cards to major retail stores, like Target or Wal-Mart, for ‘Rob Your Neighbor’ gifts because they’re so versatile and popular.

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3.    Toys and books.  As December comes to a close, select toys and books will have even better deals than on Black Friday. 

Best people to buy this gift for: Any little ones who have a list you’d like to buy for or the book enthusiast in your life.

4.    Golf Clubs.  Golfing isn’t on most minds in the middle of December, so it’s a great time of year to get the best deals on a set for the golfer in your life.

Best people to buy this gift for:  The avid golfer always appreciates a newer set to bring out to the green, or consider purchasing a set of golf clubs for any of the younger people in your life who may show an interest in the sport.

5.    Diamonds.  December is one of the most popular months to propose and for good reason!  This month is the biggest month for diamond sales with deals found up to 50% off. 

Best people to buy this gift for:  The special person in your life who should have something extraordinary.  Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are all wonderful ideas.

6.    Champagne.  Celebrating the holidays might include enjoying a glass of champagne.  Because supplies of champagne are in excess leading up to New Year’s Eve, this is a great time of year to bring a bottle to share with friends. 

Best people to buy this gift for:  Friends or family who host holiday gatherings!  Even if they insist on providing all the food and drinks, it’s a thoughtful gesture to bring an item to contribute or just to give as a ‘thank you’ for being such good hosts.


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What are some of the best deals you look out for this time of year?  Tell us in the comment section below!

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