Home Improvements: Summer Style

Home Improvements: Summer Style

Whether your home is in need of some home improvements or you’re looking to make a small update, here are some fresh and fun ideas to give your home that summer look that doesn’t have to leave when the season changes.

Finances first.

Before picking up a hammer or sitting down with a designer, you’ll need to work out the details financially so you don’t put a damper on your other expenses.

If you’re in need of extra funds, think about a Home Equity Line of Credit from your Credit Union. Homeowners who have built equity in their home may be eligible. Before you can be approved, you’ll need your home appraised. Try to find a rough estimate on the worth of your home to make the process a little easier.

Add an accent wall.

This is personally one of my favorites. Having an accent wall with a bold color can give your room that modern-edge you may have been looking for; or go with a lighter color/wallpaper to  create a timeless look. The best thing about it...it’s a cheap, fun home improvement that will be noticed!

If you need some help finding that “pop of color”, check out bold accent wall ideas online.  

Landscape your lawn.

Adding beautiful shrubs or trees to your yard definitely adds that curb appeal. Plant some flowers next to the mailbox or along the front of your house for some added color! Maybe even experiment with a garden in your backyard to grow some fruits and vegetables. Plus, this would be a great idea for some family fun outside!

Have the perfect porch or deck.

If your deck is old and dirty, it’s probably in need of a little love. Think about adding a new stain to the wood or picking out new furniture. This is a simple project, but will make an impressive change to the appearance of your home. Consider adding a cute porch swing too, because there’s nothing more relaxing than reading a book outside with a nice breeze blowing.

Install a new fence.

Fencing can be pricy, but if you’re looking for some added privacy it’s something to consider. If you have the same old chain fence, there isn’t much that your neighbors can’t see. Think about adding a white picket fence to put some charm into your yard, and have some private parties on your time!  


When it comes to home improvement projects, there are a million and one. Pick something that will be family friendly so everyone can join in for the fun. For more information about financing your home needs, visit us at our mortgage page.

If you have any other summer ideas for home improvements, we’d love to hear below in the comments!

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