August: Best Things to Buy

August: Best Things to Buy

August is a hectic month. School starts back up and the “dog days” of summer come to an end. However, August reveals some awesome deals that you don’t want to miss. After completing my fact-finding, here are the five best things I found to buy in August:


1. Summer Apparel and Swimsuits

When summer ends, stores start discounting their summer clothes –BIG TIME- so you get them for a steal! Check out the clearance sections and stock up on a new spring/summer wardrobe for next year. Plus, you can still wear your summer clothes while the weather is warm.


2. Laptops

With school starting, you can find some amazing back to school deals on laptops. With new models introduced in the fall, companies will try to push the old models out; which means amazing deals for us! If you’re heading off to college now is the time to get your hands on one.


3. Outdoor Furniture/Grills

If your patio furniture is in need of a little love, it may be time for an upgrade. August is a great time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Tons of home and garden stores will have respectable deals on the patio furniture and grills.

Pro Tip: August 12th (always the second Saturday of the month) is National Garage Sale Day! Make sure you wake up early, grab your coffee, and go hunt for the perfect piece of furniture. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Saturdays + Summer = Perfect Combo!


4. A New Mattress

With Labor Day right around the corner,  you can catch some great mattress deals. Keep your eye out for some early specials, because they will be there!


5. School/Office Supplies

I think this one is a no-brainer, but if you have to buy the kids school supplies or just want to stock up the office. You can catch many “back to school” deals on supplies

Pro Tip: The best time to stock up on supplies is during Tax Free Weekend! This year, the Missouri Tax Free Weekend 2017 three-day holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 4, and runs through Sunday, Aug. 6, 2017.


If you make your purchases on a Visa Debit Card, Credit Union’s Purchase Rewards so you can earn cash back on your purchases at certain stores! What’s better than earning money for spending money?


What are some things you’ve caught a great deal on in August? Let us know below in the comments!

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