Your Simple Home Inspection Checklist

Your Simple Home Inspection Checklist

What is a Home Inspection?
When making a decision on purchasing a home, be sure to have a home inspection completed prior to the final closing agreement.  A home inspection is a visual evaluation of a home’s condition by a professional home inspector and assists with establishing its overall standing and identifying any repairs or corrections that may need to be made prior to moving in.

The Basics for a Home Inspection

1.  Research your Home Inspector.

2.  Attend the home inspection.
3.  Read the inspection report.

Remember:  If you’re unfamiliar with certain terminology in the home inspection, don’t be afraid to ask!  The more knowledge you have on the home you’ll be living in, the better.

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Home Inspection Checklist

Every state’s inspection requirements are different, so here are some general home inspection items.

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  • Structure
    Construction of home including walls, ceilings, floors, roof and foundation.

Pro-tip:  Check for horizontal and vertical cracks in the walls, investigate the foundation, and make sure the roof doesn’t appear to have any leaks.


  • Exterior
    Review all pieces of the exterior of the property including landscapes, elevation, the driveway, trim, doors, locks, windows, lights, and the siding and/or brick layout.

  • Roof/Attic
    Check how many layers are on the roof and when it might need to be replaced or its remaining life expectancy.  Don’t forget to ask about framing, ventilation, flashing, and gutters. 

  • Plumbing
    Identify pipe materials and look for faulty joints.  The inspection should also include an overview of all toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, and traps.  

  • Electrical
    Check for up-to-code conditions, visible wiring, circuit breakers, exhaust fans, ceiling fans and light fixtures.

  • Appliances
    Confirm the function of all large appliances that will be sold with the home such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, and possibly the washer and dryer.

  • Heating and Cooling Systems
    Establish the condition of the air conditioning, furnace and water heater.  If the home has a fireplace and chimney, make sure to inspect those as well.

  • If the Home Has a Garage…
    Check the foundation, any windows, ceiling, framing, and roof.  Operate the garage door opener and check the electrical system

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