Shred Day: September 23rd

Shred Day: September 23rd

We're hosting a Shred Day event from 12:30 p.m.-3 p.m. at four locations:

  • South County.  12988 Tesson Ferry Road (at Butler Hill).

  • Creve Coeur.  12395 Olive Boulevard (at Tempo Drive).

  • Florissant.  1075 N. Lindbergh (at Saint Pierre).

  • Fenton.  304 Summit Road (at Hwy 30 and Gravois Bluffs).


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to be a member of the credit union to participate in shred day?

A:  No!  Our Shred Day is open to the community. 


Q:  What is safe to shred?

A:  Personal/Business information in the form of paper, manila folders, checkbooks.  Staples, small paper clips, file folders, and rubber bands are also acceptable.


Q:  What isn’t safe to shred?

A:  Large metal objects, keys, 3-ringed binders, film/negatives, batteries, binder clips, hard back books, newspaper, and cardboard boxes.


Q:  Is there a limit of boxes or bags per person to shred?

A:  Please limit your documents to 5 banker boxes.  


Q:  Why shred documents when a recycling service is available at a home or office?

A:  Shredding sensitive/personal information is the highest level of security, ensuring all documentation is unreadable prior to reaching a recycling facility.


Q:  What happens to the paper after it has been shredded?

A:  The small, confetti-sized pieces of paper are bundled and recycled into paper products.


Q:  How long should I hold onto documents before shredding them?

A:  There’s an easy document break-down list


Anheuser-Busch Employees' Credit Union provides this top quality, easy-to-use shred service to its members and the community.  We hope to see you Saturday, September 23rd, from 12:30 p.m.-3 p.m. at one of our four locations. 

Questions?  Visit our events page or call 314-657-9303 for more shredding information.

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