Our Platinum Lining:  Credit Union Stories

Our Platinum Lining: Credit Union Stories

There’s been a lot to celebrate at the credit union this year.  From moving to our new headquarters which help us better serve our members to holding our first Service Day and giving back to nineteen organizations in the St. Louis community.  And today?  We’re celebrating International Credit Union Day. 

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Today, October 18th, marks the 70th anniversary of International Credit Union Day.  The theme?  Find Your Platinum Lining (a play-off the phrase “find your silver lining”).  So, how did we celebrate International Credit Union Day?  By sharing stories of what makes us proud to work at the credit union. 


I asked our team, “What’s your platinum lining?”


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From our member experiences…

“When the hurricanes hit, the credit union stepped up to help our members.  We offered loan payment skips and extensions, as well as interest free loans.  Members were relieved to not have to worry about their payments – or if they needed money right away – we were able to help with the interest free loan.  I was, and still am, so proud to work for a company that puts our member’s needs first.”

-Kathy McDonald, Contact Center Agent (St. Louis, MO)


“Members are family to us.  Just this Monday a young girl who is a relatively a new member got engaged, and to my surprise she brought in cupcakes to celebrate her upcoming wedding.  That is a special moment. Her joy was so uplifting to all of us.  It was not business as usual, it was pure JOY, and she chose to share it with us.  That’s my platinum lining.”

-Maria Argenti, Personal Service Counselor (Orlando, FL)

“There are so many!  But this one was special:  Last year a member purchased a home and financed through the credit union.  It was down to the last day of their contract and the closing was delayed.  After the member called me and I spoke with all parties involved, I realized there was a disconnect.

I happened to be in St. Louis for a manager’s meeting and was able to ‘snag’ Larry Jackson [VP of Real Estate Lending].  He brought all the parties together and corrected the disconnect, so our member could close on the next day!  This is the spirit of our Core Values:  Serving members with excellence, taking ownership, and acting with integrity!”

-Teresa Evans, Branch Manager (Columbus, OH)

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To celebrating our own little victories…

“The platinum lining is providing financial success for our members.  Seeing their faces at closing.  From planning financial wellness to relieving financial debt—both are satisfying when you’re helping a member.”

-Linda Rosso, Branch Manager (Barrett Station, MO)


“When a project or upgrade becomes available and provides new, updated features to our members is my platinum lining.  Seeing the positive vibes from our app because of those new features validates the job you accomplished and our members noticed.”

-Patty Reece, Electronic Services (St. Louis, MO)

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And remembering why we love working somewhere with an awesome mission…

“What makes working at the credit union special is my ability to contribute and make a difference here.  What I do matters and my ideas are considered towards making things better.  You become more like family and friends here unlike anywhere else I’ve worked.  It’s a great place to build a solid foundation.”

-Brittney Taylor, Business Account Specialist

“I like being part of a close knit group of people, where our efforts are making a difference in the people who live in our communities. The number one priority for most organizations is making money, but at the credit union we put our members first.

The profits generated from the CU are given back to our members.  Our organization’s leaders do a great job connecting our core values and allowing us time to give back to our community whether it be service day, or compensating us for volunteer hours.  My personal contributions may be small, but knowing I am part of something bigger makes it all worthwhile.”

-Nikki Callison, Marketing Analyst (St. Louis, MO)


“I love working at the credit union for several reasons.  I feel the organization hires and surrounds us with genuinely great people, who care about you.  I also feel the credit union cares about my professional goals and provides me with opportunities to get there.  I feel blessed to work for ABECU.” 

-Eric Lanzafame, Business Portfolio Manager (St. Louis, MO)


“It is an age old saying with the credit union, but still strong as ever, it is ‘People Helping People’.  Credit union employees are members too, and there is something special about being an owner.

Our employees are the Platinum Lining to me. You see it every day in the care and support they provide to our members, and to one another as colleagues.”

-Michael Dougherty, Chief Lending Officer

 “My platinum lining is knowing that I am part of something big that has lasted for more than 169 years on the simple fact that it is just people helping other people. It’s a system that works and continues to work even when everthing else in the world changes. It is pretty cool to experience that every day.”

-Kayleigh Wright, Graphic Designer

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For nearly two centuries, financial cooperatives have encouraged people of every race, gender and belief to come together and give their all towards the betterment of their communities.  It’s about people helping people.  And we couldn’t be prouder of being a part of it.

This is our #PlatinumLiningFound.


Join the credit union movement. 

Become a credit union member today.

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