Best Things to Buy in October (with Bonus National Holidays!)

Best Things to Buy in October (with Bonus National Holidays!)

Hello, October!  It’s already here and there are great deals to find.  Here’s our list of some of the best things to buy.

patio furniture.jpg

Patio Furniture

Along with other summer, outdoor items, patio furniture will have great deals to make room for fall and winter merchandise.

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Active and Summer Footwear

This is typically the time of year where most individuals are either regularly going to the gym, or thinking about getting a membership to keep busy during winter break.  And because summer has ended there are great deals on sneakers and summer-style shoes.

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Summer Clothes

Taking a trip somewhere sunny this winter?  Now’s a great time to rebuild any summer outfit pieces for this adventure.  It’s also great to consider finding versatile tops or bottoms that can easily transition from one season to another.  My shopping rule of thumb:  If it can be layered for cold weather AND it’s on clearance, buy it.

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Theme Park Passes

Many theme parks are now open longer in the year and they’ll want to remind you of that by having great discounts for season membership passes.



Typically there’s a slight decline in denim (specifically jeans) purchased in October, because many have already snagged their new items right before school.  With that in mind and cooler weather approaching, you’ll find great deals on denim throughout the month.


Small Appliances/Cookware

No other month comes quite as close to these deals for smaller appliances and cookware to add to your home.  From crockpots to vacuums, October is the best month to stock up on these household needs. 



If you have a passion for plants, now is the time to check out the selection of plants and shrubs—especially perennials—for end-of-season sales. 



This one may seem like a trick, but there’s only treats here!  The key to getting a great deal on costumes is to shop as early as possible this month.  Prices will drop as Halloween gets closer, but beware of the spooky less available selections. 


Bonus!  Here Are a Few National Holidays in October:

October 11th:  National Sausage Pizza Day

October 14th:  National Dessert Day

October 16th:  National Boss’s Day

October 17th:  National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

October 18th:  International Credit Union Day

October 20th:  Sweetest Day

October 31st:  Halloween

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