Meet Joshua Packman:  Financial Advisor

Meet Joshua Packman: Financial Advisor

Meet Joshua (Josh) Packman, the newest financial advisor with LifePlan Financial Planning and Retirement Services available through the credit union.  Josh comes from a financial planning family—you could say it’s in his blood.  As a second generational financial advisor in the credit union industry, his start in the financial management world comes from his father, who is a newly retired advisor working with members from Arsenal Credit Union.

As Josh begins his new journey with us, we wanted to get to know him better.

Five Quick Facts About Josh:

-He was born and raised in St. Louis. Attended Parkway North High School. (Go Vikings)

-Married to wife, Allison.  She’s a chemical engineer for a soda company.

-Graduated from Mizzou with a financial planning degree.

-His hobbies include:  playing guitar, camping, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, boxing and martial arts.

-Favorite food?  Barbeque.  (Specifically anything at Pappy’s.)


What was your inspiration to become a financial advisor?

JP:  When I was in college, my dad told me a story about a time he went to one of his client’s funerals, and as he was giving his condolences he met the client’s children.  After the service was over, the children approached my dad and thanked him for everything he did for their father.  They said he was able to retire and enjoy his life without having to worry about money.

That story, although short, was so powerful.  There are too many people who don’t get to enjoy life because of the burden of financial decisions.  If I can help members with financial guidance, like my dad did for his client, it means the world to me.


Why did you choose to become a financial advisor for the credit union industry?

JP:  My father’s entire career was spent working with credit union members.  He instilled in my siblings and me, that credit unions are the best financial institutions, primarily because of the family-oriented environment. 

The credit union provides a space that allows me to speak with every member at every branch I serve, regardless of their current financial situation.  Whether you’re just starting to save, want to plan for your children’s college fund, or you have extra money and want it to go to work for you, I want to be able to help you achieve your financial goals.


What do you like most about being a financial advisor?

JP:  I love what I do!  I get to sit down with members and learn who they are, their likes, dislikes, and establish personal relationships.  I find out where they are currently in their lives, where they would like to be, and together we develop a successful path.  The financial side of life can be very scary and intimidating to a lot of people.  I’m lucky to be their financial Yoda!


Josh will be available to meet with members in St. Louis for the following branches:

Lynch Street

Barrett Station

Creve Coeur


South County (Union Rd.)

Shiloh, IL

For more information about LifePlan Financial Planning and Retirement Services, visit our website.


Let the credit union help you achieve financial success.  Become a member today.

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