Financial Spring Cleaning

Financial Spring Cleaning

Welcome spring by making those financial papers more manageable.  Here are a few ways to clean out your home and get your financial paperwork in order.


Paperless Billing

There are many benefits to signing up for paperless billing:

Availability to make monthly payments online.

Reducing your carbon footprint.

Clears some of the paper clutter in your home.

Enhanced identity theft protection.

Worry you'll forget to make a payment?  OnlineAccess makes it easy for you!  Just log in and select the BillPay tab to connect a regular monthly payment.  You can even make loan payments with American Eagle Credit Union under 'Move Money'.

Check your account on the go with our Mobile Access+ app.

Sort & Shred

Collect old ATM receipts, paid off loan paperwork, or outdated/previous pay stubs that you no longer need and safely destroy them with a shred machine that you may have at home or by attending a Shred Day hosted by your credit union.

Not sure when it's time to shred certain financial documents?  Visit our post, Protect Your Identity:  Know When to Shred Important Documents.

Revisit Rates

Rates for retail or bank credit cards can change.  Revisiting rates is a great way to learn about new offers and can save your budget from unnecessarily high rates and fees.  

Balance transfers can be an easy, quick way to lower your monthly rates.

Review Your Budget  

For some, this is a new adjustment to make.  Only 41% of Americans reported that they utilized a budget and almost 70% don't have $1,000 in savings for emergencies.  Reviewing expenses to see if there's a way to cut or lower costs on "flex" or "luxury" items can be a great way to save more money.

Visit our MoneyMatters segment and find out how saving money can help you accomplish your 2018 financial goals.

Adjust or create a new budget with our free budget tool.


Reach Your Financial Goals with Our Resource Center.

To learn more about budgeting, visit our Resource Center.

Questions about becoming a member?  Call our Member Contact Center at 1-877-325-2848 or contact us online.

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