2 Keys to Managing Credit Card Debt

2 Keys to Managing Credit Card Debt

One of the best ways to establish a good credit score is with credit cards.  And, when it comes to managing a new credit card, there are two key habits to keep in mind:

Include Your Credit Card in the Monthly Household Budget

Identify all major, monthly household expenses and calculate your budget available for paying at least the minimum balance owed to your new card. 

Use our free budgeting tool to get started.

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Tackle Higher Interest First

When you own more than one credit card, change the approach to your budgeting technique.  Understanding your credit balances and the interest rates with each of your cards is key to paying off higher-interest rate debt first.

Your credit score can have one of the biggest impacts on your financial life. Your credit history may be viewed by banks, cell phone companies, credit card companies and even potential employers, so understanding how it works will help you maintain healthy finances. 

Use our free Credit Scores and Report Module to learn more about how you can use credit cards to improve your credit score, and how to pull a credit report.

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Make Sure You’ve Found the Right Credit Card for You

Looking for a credit card that earns you points, has a great rate, and no annual fee?  Apply for our Platinum Points Visa.

Want an amazing low rate with no annual fee?  Our Preferred Platinum Visa is the card for you.


Questions about finding the perfect credit card?  Call our Member Contact Center at 877-325-2848 or fill out our contact form.

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