How to Save Money on Holiday Weekends

How to Save Money on Holiday Weekends

Labor Day weekend is the start of a string of upcoming holidays to celebrate with family and friends.  Be kind to your wallet by following these tips to save money during upcoming extended weekends.

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Cook at Home (Try New Recipes!)

Cooking at home over a holiday weekend doesn’t have to be the “same old, same old” food.  Have fun with some of those, “That meal looks so pretty”, recipes you find on Pinterest or Google. (Just make sure to choose recipes with ingredients you already have if you want to avoid a trip to the store.) You can even get the family involved and have a whole day of trying new things in the kitchen.

See our Food Ideas Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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Take the Road Trip

Driving will (almost) always be more affordable than flying—so take the road trip!  Depending on your destination, map the route and plan time to stop at any interesting or historical stops along the way to further enrich your time.

To save even more money during your trip, use a credit card with you that gives you cash back or earns points.

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Travel with a Group

Splitting travel costs with friends or family can ease the cost burden for every budget.  Consider your potential expenses:  gas, food, lodging, and emergency funds when budgeting for a holiday weekend.  And if you choose to travel on a major holiday, instead of the day before, some expenses may be cheaper!

If traveling is part of your holiday weekend plans, make sure to contact your financial institution to let them know when you’ll be out of town and the potential stops you’ll be making along the way.  If you’re a credit union member, simply login to Online Access account, select ‘Secure Forms’ and ‘Travel Memo’.  Enter the required fields and your account will be ready to travel with you!

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Shop Local

Whether you’re staying home or going out of town, buying local is a great way to get the most out of your dollar.  Some economic benefits of shopping for locally grown food and goods:

·  It keeps money in the community

·  Local business people profit

·  It creates jobs

·  Shopping local can keep taxes down

Check out some of our shop local suggestions on our Budget Basics Pinterest board.

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If you’re searching for something new to try while on an extended holiday vacation, consider volunteering.  Many nonprofit organizations appreciate extra hands during the holiday season and it can be a fun way to give back to your community (or the one you’re visiting!).

Find a nonprofit near you to get started.


Make a Staycation the Plan

Staying at home can be just as exciting as going on a trip.  Make a bucket list of all the events or places you haven’t seen yet in your town/city, and create a plan to visit them during your time at home.  Want to save even more dollars with a staycation?  Think about spending the holiday weekend investing in yourself or your home.  Take an at-home spa day, binge watch your favorite shows, catch up on cleaning, or finish those DIY projects you’ve been holding off.

Spend the Holiday Hosting a Garage Sale

Seize the opportunity of a long weekend by decluttering the house with a garage sale.  Go through those fall and winter clothes or items you may not want for this year. (Hey, some people relax by cleaning!) 

Use the cash from your garage sale to cushion your emergency savings account.

See how to create and build an emergency savings account.

Ready to save for your dream vacation?  The credit union has many savings options to choose from, including a holiday savings account.

Join a credit union to get all the benefits—from a free checking account to easy online and mobile access.

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