The 4 Biggest Credit Union Myths

The 4 Biggest Credit Union Myths

According to the research…

98% of non-members have heard of credit unions.

72% of non-members aren’t likely to consider a credit union.


75% of non-members would consider joining a credit union after learning more about them.

So let’s break it down and talk about the 4 Biggest Credit Union Myths.

Myth #1: There aren’t enough locations.

Reality: There are big and small credit unions, but just like banks, your deposits at a credit union are insured by the federal government up to $250,000.

Anheuser-Busch Employees' Credit Union and its divisions has 29 Credit Union branches nationwide, including 13 branches (American Eagle Credit Union) in the St. Louis area.  Credit union members also have access to a CO-OP Network of 30,000 free ATMs and 5,000 shared branch locations, making it easy for you to access your money anywhere.


Myth #2: It will be hard to access my money.

Reality: With OnlineAccess and MobileAccess+, accessing your money has never been easier.  You can download our app, CU Access+, in the App Store or on Googleplay.

Read more about our access and convenience services, such as eDeposit, IDSafeChoice, No Transaction Fee-ATM locations, and more.

Myth #3: I can’t join a credit union.

Reality: Once upon a time, credit unions were designed to serve a limited group of people, based on a similar interest, occupation, or geographic location. But it’s not like that anymore (since the early 1980’s, to be exact!).

Anybody can join a credit union. You may be eligible based on your employer, where you live, or your family, as most credit unions allow members’ families to join.


Myth #4: Credit unions don’t offer as many services as banks.

Reality: Credit unions offer the same financial products as banks—checking accountsdebit and credit cardsonline banking (OnlineAccess), IRAs (individual retirement accounts), mortgages and auto loans—but because credit unions are not-for-profit, we often offer better rates than banks.

Want to learn more about credit unions? Check out Your Money

Become a member today.

Becoming a member of the credit union means better rates, lower fees and a wide range of products to fit your everyday financial needs (and the not-so-everyday ones, like home loans).

American Eagle Credit Union

Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union

Purina Credit Union

Questions about opening an account or just want to learn more about our loans, mortgages, and other services?  Contact us today or reach our Contact Center at 1-877-325-2848.

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