5 Free Financial Literacy Online Courses and Webinars You Should Know About

5 Free Financial Literacy Online Courses and Webinars You Should Know About

The credit union has partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness, a national nonprofit supporting people’s lifelong financial wellness.  The credit union shares a vision of a world where people have the tools they need to accomplish their financial goals, we has all of GreenPath’s resources available.

Learning how to handle personal finances doesn’t have to be confusing or hard.

Break the barriers between you and your personal finance questions.  Here are six free financial literacy online resources you can use today:



Redesign Your Financial Habits (Online Course)

In Redesign Your Financial Habits, you’ll reevaluate the way you spend money.  GreenPath breaks down what makes a financial habit, how to identify your financial habits, and how to start making small changes can add up to saving more money.

In this online course, you’ll learn the three-step loop that creates a financial habit:  Cue.  Routine.  Rewind.

Watch this three-minute video about habits—and cookies—from this course to learn more:




The Psychology of Why We Buy (Webinar: 25 minutes)

According to Why We Buy, The Science of Shopping, by Paco Underhill, shopping instills social revolution and pop culture change.  But how does it affect your budget? This 25-minute webinar covers advertising, spending habits and social factors we all encounter—from shopping online to being at the mall. 


Learn why we buy things and how to create new habits to resist temptation.



My Path to Financial Freedom (Online Course)

In this course, you’ll learn about a wide range of financial health topics to help lead a financially healthy life.  My Path to Financial Freedom is a common-sense approach to personal finances.

This course is a downloadable e-learning program and covers eight financial health topics:

Budgeting Basics:  Learn important budgeting concepts and what it means to have a good versus bad budget.

My Budget:  Create your own budget and GreenPath will discover if there are areas for improvement.

Credit Reports:  This course looks closely at credit reports.  You’ll learn how to pull your free annual report, what each section of your credit report represents, and how to dispute an error.

Rebuilding Credit:  Learn the five factors of credit, how to improve a credit score, and the potential risks that come with every credit card.

Saving and Investing:  Saving and investing have so many options.  Learn how to make more money by investing and the different ways to save money.

Smart Shopping:  Look at the six steps to smart shopping to get the most bang for your bucks

Home Ownership:  Cover the various costs of homeownership and how to save as much money as possible on your home.

Identity Theft:  Review key steps for keeping your identity safe in today’s world.



Money Wisdom with W!SE (Webinar: 55 minutes)

Good money skills learned at an early age can have a lasting impact.  Money Wisdom with W!SE (Working in Support of Education) shares information on teaching kids personal finance to help build healthy spending habits for the future. 

W!SE is a nonprofit that provides financial education, college and career readiness programs, and gives services to students, educators, and at-risk adults.

Watch the Money Wisdom with W!SE webinar.



Financial Wellness During Retirement (Webinar: 52 minutes)

Financial wellness during retirement means feeling secure you can meet life’s challenges, while planning for the future—whatever that means for you.  Saving and investing for retirement doesn’t have to be complicated.  The key lies within determining how much to save for retirement based on what you’ll realistically need, and developing a plan to achieve your goal.

Watch the Financial Wellness During Retirement webinar to review retirement topics such as:  how to predict your needs, how to set goals, and immediate steps to take to set yourself up for retirement.

We care about your financial journey.  Whatever financial goals you may have, the credit union wants to help you succeed.  With our GreenPath Financial Wellness partnership, you’re one step closer to being connected to assistance with debt management, debt counseling, student loan counseling, housing support, and more.

Become a member today.

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