Dear Money:  A Love Letter

Dear Money: A Love Letter

Money is emotional. Money makes us do crazy things sometimes. So that got us to thinking, “What if we could write a letter to Money?”

Here’s some of what our team at the credit union had to say.


Dear Money,

When I have you, I feel like Rose from the Titanic… “I’ll never let go.” But then I see something more important and I end up letting you go. I’m sorry I use you. I don’t deserve you. Please come back to me.


Brande Bulard 250.jpg

Dear Money,

I know that we have not always seen eye to eye, and we have been working over the years to build stronger communication skills with one another. It hasn’t been an easy road and at times I just wanted to blow the budget and do what I wanted with our money. But that’s all behind us now, you have shown me the value in saving and not spending, you have helped me define the difference between a want and a need. I know that our journey is not over, but I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in this relationship.

Yours truly,


Kaleigh Skaggs.jpg

Dear Money,

I will get right to it.  It’s not you, it’s me, we have to break up.  I have been seeing someone else and I think I found “the one”. It has 3 bedrooms and two baths and quite frankly you just can’t give me what I need. I need a two stall garage to store my car. I need a good size kitchen for entertaining. I need more. So I am spending you… on a new house. Hopefully we can see each other again.


PS. Don’t go too far for too long, I will always love you.

Michael Gorham 250.jpg

Dear Money,

I remember when I could hold you in both hands.  The thought of you growing was just a dream of the future.  You know what they say, before you know it they’re all grown up.  I’m proud of what you have become and know that you are destined for great things.  Keep working hard, you’re just getting started.


cindy helmkamp 250.jpg

To My Dear Money,

You have been loyal, skimpy at times and then again you have been abundant! Please stay strong thru the next few years and then I promise a trip of your choice will be had by us!


nikki callison 250.jpg

Dear Money,

Since I left you, I have been constantly depressed. I need you in my life. I should have never spent you on that expensive leather bag. I was wrong, it didn’t bring me as much happiness as I had hoped. I want you back. I’d love to see where we can go together in life, we make an awesome team and can conquer more together. I’m sorry. I love you. Please come back to me.


tony dohrman 250.jpg

Dear Money,

I need you more in my life and I hope that you are doing well in my wallet on this Valentine’s Day!  I miss you when you are not here and I want to be with you every day, but I know I really just get to see you once every two weeks.  I want to hold on to you more and more each day and I know that someday (when I retire) we will be together forever!


angela dostal 250.jpg

Dear Money,

You’re really great when you’re around. Which isn’t always for long, but it’s about quality, not quantity. Right?

You da best.



Dear Money,

I’m so glad to see that you’re growing!  I know someday you will have grown large enough to allow me to spend more time doing the fun things that I’d like to do, like traveling.


Sheena Araiza 250.jpg

Dear Money,

 I love how you support me in all my endeavors.  You’re always making sure I’m warm, fed, and comfy. I love you so much for that! I really wish we could hang out and do fun stuff more often though… You come in and are going so very quickly… Please come back and stay? Maybe we could go on vacation together?!?

With all my love,
Me (Sheena)

meredith gross 250.jpg

Dear Money,

Our relationship has its ups and downs, but I don’t want to live without you. When you are around I love and cherish you with all my heart. When you are away, I rue your absence and long for the day you will come back to me, my love. Believe me when I say it is me and not you that causes our separation, but you know I will always be there awaiting your return.             



Dear Money,

What a tangled web we weave… I remember way back when I received my first paycheck as a pimple faced teenager making Blizzards at the local DQ. I felt as rich as a king and wanted to save my first dollar ever… but in 2007 gas was $4.00 a gallon and the struggle was real. I think our best time together was our worst time together. Those years living in college in block walled apartments and riding a bike around town because gas was still…. $4.00 a gallon. Those were dark times. But I believe our relationship has grown stronger because of it. We worked together through our rough times and can enjoy a little breathing room now.

However, I think we both know you can’t sit lazily around in sock drawers and cup holders. It’s time for you to go to work and get a job too! You need to be invested in CD’s and money market accounts at the Credit Union and get out there and help my fellow members improve their lives. When you’re tired and coming home at the end of the day with those sweet sweet dividends you can feel proud of the contributions you’ve made to our community and to our bottom line.

Deepest regards money, you’ll always have a home in my wallet,

katie and emily 250.jpg

Dear Money,

We have something to confess, we have separation anxiety.  We know we could ease the stress if we didn’t always use you to buy new clothes or food, we really should just keep you, the more you grow the more our eyes light up. We think of all the memories we could make, but then the bills flood in and you dwindle away, oh money how we can’t live with you but we can’t live without you.

All our love and hate- Katie and Emily

alex simpher 250.jpg

Dear Money,

We have quite the relationship, don’t we? I love you and I hate you. I always enjoy our time together, and you’re always there when I need you. But how nice would it be if we saw each other more? I think we would both benefit from that.

Don’t get confused, I am very happy with where we are. You have made life comfortable and for that I am grateful. But if I am going to buy a bigger house, I need you around more.

Don’t be a stranger.


Dear Money,

On this holiest day of celebration with chocolate I want to thank you for providing me the necessary funds to support my never ending chocolate dependency!

With love,


Dear Money,

I know things between us have been rocky at times through the years. Sometimes I use and abuse you, sometimes I don’t feel like you are there enough for me. I  work too hard for you to be left feeling this way. But I think we have finally come to some great understandings. I’m learning when to let you sit and grow and when it is ok to play. Thank you money 


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