Transfer Your Balances & SAVE!

Transfer Your Balances & SAVE!

I’m always looking for ways to save money. In a previous blog, 10 Things You’re Wasting Your Money On, I mentioned we shut off our gas one summer to save extra money.  You don’t have to go to that extreme to save, but one of the easiest ways you can save right now is by transferring high-rate credit card balances to a Credit Union Platinum Visa®. Whether you continuously carry a balance on your cards or charges mounted up during the holiday season, the best way to save on your payments is with a low-rate Visa credit card from the Credit Union.

Credit Unions on average offer lower credit card rates than banks and department stores (11.61% compared to 12.59% for banks). Our credit card rate is significantly lower than even the credit union average, plus with our special balance transfer offer you’ll save even more!

With the average credit card debt per cardholder at $5232, when you compare our rate to the average rate for banks, you’ll save at least $300 in interest cost with our credit card (when you payoff the balance in 2 years). That led me to think…what I could do with an extra $300. Here’s my wish list of things I would do/get with the extra money:

1. Save it!

2. New clothes and shoes, of course.

3. An extra car payment.

4. Three bleacher seat tickets to Cardinals vs. Cubs game in September.

5. Summer basketball camp for my oldest son.

6. Season passes to Six Flags St. Louis for the entire family.

7. New BBQ grill.

8. Something Apple…new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.

9. Donation to my favorite charity.

10. Ridiculously expensive date night with my sweetie…YOLO!

Stop giving your current credit card issuer more of your hard-earned money! Transfer your balances today and can create your own wish list for the money you’ll start saving.

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