6 Reasons I love my Credit Union

6 Reasons I love my Credit Union

I haven’t always loved the Credit Union. It was a relationship developed over time. Up until 12 years ago, I was in love with a bank. I was young and immature, blinded by the attractive branches and shiny toys, plus everywhere I went, she (a branch) was available. But it always me, me, me, a one-sided relationship, more taking than giving. My account and I grew tired of it and decided to leave. Until I started working at a Credit Union, I didn’t know it could offer all of the great things I enjoyed and so much more. Here are six reasons why I will always love the Credit Union.

The Credit Union Serves EVERYONE!

No matter the income level, age or life stage, there’s a product or service available at the Credit Union to help with one’s particular financial situation.

Convenient Locations

I’m a creature of habit and convenience. I frequent the same places, in the same general radius on a regular basis. When I go to the mall, there’s a branch nearby. When I go to church, there’s a branch down the street. On the way to the theater, I pass by a branch. So, if I can’t handle my transactions on my iPhone, there’s always a location nearby.

Great Personal Service

You may say, “Of course, you receive great personal service, you work there!” But here, when I need help with my account, I’m always treated as important as any other member who walks in the door.

Good Rates

Auto, mortgage, credit cards – the Credit Union offers competitive loan rates across the board. Low loan rates means more money in my pocket and I’m all for more money for me.

A Great Place to Work

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a place where employees have been there for 20 or 30 years and still enjoy it. That’s common here. I’ve been here more than 10 years myself. There’s good work/life balance. Personal development is encouraged. The benefits are great. And, I’ve developed relationships with coworkers that will last for years.

Community Support

I love to help others and the Credit Union exhibits the same attitude not only to its members, but also to its surrounding communities. From sponsorship, to clothing and food collections for those in need, to donating hundreds of volunteer hours to local organizations,  the Credit Union believes in helping and being a vital part of the local community.

Now that I’m done fawning over my Credit Union, what do you love about the Credit Union? Tell us ion the comments!


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