Super Bowl 50 By The Numbers

Super Bowl 50 By The Numbers

Ever wonder how much it costs to make the Heisman trophy? What about the price tag for those famous commercials? Do halftime acts get paid for performing? Today, we share 50 fun financial facts and figures about the Super Bowl. They are likely to surprise even the most seasoned of football gurus!

1.       The cost of a 30-second commercial for the first Super Bowl in 1967 was $37,500.

2.       This year, a 30-second commercial ad costs $5 million. That’s a new record, up $500,000 from 2015.

3.       In case you’re wondering, that’s about $150,000 per second.

4.       The average Super Bowl commercial generates as much as $10 million in revenue.

5.       The highest priced ticket for Super Bowl I was $12.

6.       Face value on this year’s tickets range from $850 to $1800. Club seats cost $3000.

7.       According to StubHub (as of 2/4), even the cheapest ticket will set you back at least $2900.

8.       The cost doesn’t stop there. Stadium Parking is a whopping $60 this year!

9.       The highest recorded price of any Super Bowl ticket sold (prior to this year) was $17,800—in 2015.

10.   The Super Bowl is the second biggest day of the year for eating, falling just short of Thanksgiving.

11.   The average viewer will spend $82.19 on food. That’s up $4.31 from last year.

12.   Each player on the winning team will earn about $102,000 in bonus cash.

13.   Players on the losing team will make $51,000.

14.   Peyton Manning could earn $31 million this season, which includes a $2 million bonus IF the Broncos win.

15.   Earnings aren’t limited to players. When head coach Mike McCarthy won the Super Bowl with the Packers in 2011, he earned a bonus of $500,000.

16.   According to Forbes, the Denver Broncos are the #11 NFL franchise, estimated to be valued at $1.95 billion (yes, that’s a B).

17.   The Carolina Panthers come in at #19, worth $1.5 billion.

18.   Since Nike started tracking jersey sales in 2012, Peyton Manning holds the #1 spot for uniform sales by player.

19.   Cam Newton jersey sales are surging this year, putting him at #9.

20.   In 2015, Pepsi paid $7 million to sponsor the halftime show.

21.   The halftime show is big business. In 2014, Bruno Mars received a 92% boost in album sales.

22.   The NFL asked both Coldplay and Rihanna to pay to play the halftime show this year. Both declined.

23.   1 of every 12 viewers watch the Super Bowl for the commercials only.

24.   The National Chicken Council predicts 1.3 BILLION chicken wings will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. That’s up 3% from last year.

25.   The average calories consumed by a Super Bowl watcher is 1,200.

26.   Last year’s Super Bowl was the most-watched television program of all-time, with an average viewership of 114.4 million.

27.   Super Bowl 50’s viewership is projected to break last year’s record. In fact, nine of the last ten Super Bowls set a new record.

28.   10.4 million people tuned in for Animal Planet’s annual “Puppy Bowl” last year. That’s down 3 million from the previous year.

29.   Ever wonder about the resale value of a glitzy Super Bowl ring? Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring recently sold for $230,000.

30.   The Vince Lombardi trophy, manufactured by Tiffany and Co. costs $50,000 to make.

31.   Super Bowl 50 is the first to ditch Roman numerals in favor of the Arabic numbers. The NFL  didn’t like the look of the “L.” Roman numerals will return next year for Super Bowl LI. Weird, right?

32.   The designated “home team” alternates from year to year. The AFC gets even-numbered games and the NFC team receives the odd.

33.   CBS will use 70 cameras at Super Bowl 50.

34.   A souvenir program guide cost $1 at Super Bowl I.

35.   This year the cost of a game program will be $20.

36.   Only one Super Bowl team was ever nominated for a Grammy Award. That was the Chicago Bears in 1985 for “Super Bowl Shuffle.” Reminisce here: <link>

37.   Cam Newton could become only the second player in history to win the Heisman trophy, a national title in college, the NFL MVP, and Super Bowl MVP. Running back Marcus Allen was the first to earn all four awards.

38.   No Super Bowl has ever gone to overtime.

39.   This is the first Super Bowl to feature two quarterbacks who were both drafted No. 1.

40.    Since 2011, Cam Newton has rushed for a staggering 3,383 yards and 45 touchdowns. Peyton Manning has -48 rushing yards and one touchdown in the same span.

41.   At 39 years old, Peyton Manning will be the oldest quarterback to start in a Super Bowl. John Elway was 5 days younger when he started in 1998. Both started as Broncos.

42.   The Panthers are just the fourth team to win 15 regular season games AND the Super Bowl. The other three teams were the 1984 49ers, 1985 Bears and 2007 Patriots.

43.   The Panthers averaged 31.3 points per game this season.

44.   Cam Newton signed a five-year $103.8 million contract extension in June.

45.   Peyton Manning has earned $247 million in career salary—more than any other player in the NFL.

46.   His brother Eli ranks second, coming in at $188 million in career earnings.

47.   Peyton Manning is the most “marketable” player in the NFL for the past decade, with off-the-field earnings of $13 million from Gatorade, Nationwide, DirecTV, Papa John’s and Nike.

48.   The right to air both the Super Bowl and Sunday Night Football rotates among NBC, CBS and Fox. NBC will host this year’s Super Bowl 50. The network is estimated to make a mind-blowing $3 billion.

49.   This year’s venue, Levi stadium, cost $850 million to build.

50.    This Super Bowl 50 hat designed by New Era costs $2,500. It features a solid 18k gold pin and black lambskin. Check it out: 👇

What is you favorite financial factoid? Tell us in the comments!


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