10 Ways to Save the Environment & Money

10 Ways to Save the Environment & Money

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Doing your part to help the environment may seem difficult, but it’s easier than you think. Here are 10 ways to go green while saving some green:


  1. Your commute – think outside your car.

    Driving your car less often can help you save gas money, decrease your stress level, and help the environment. Try taking public transportation, riding your bike to close destinations, and walking in safe and weather permitting conditions.


  2. Turn the lights off when you’re not using them.

    Turing the lights off when not in use or incorporating candles into your lighting scheme will help you save money on your electricity bill while also saving power. Also, unplug when you can – some things still take electricity whenever they’re plugged in.


  3. Grow your own vegetables and herbs.

    A backyard garden can lower your cost of groceries, but you’re doing your part using your green thumb. Plus, it can be rewarding and even turn into a fun hobby.


  4. Take shorter showers.

    Taking shorter showers can help reduce your water bill. According to Green Lifestyle Changes, the ideal time for a shower is 5 minutes (which is perfect for those mornings your running late). Also, try turning off your water when you can, such as when you’re shaving or brushing your teeth.


  5. Buy energy efficient appliances.

    Energy efficient appliances may cost more upfront, but over time they will help you save on running cost. This could be your new excuse to update your kitchen!


    Pro Tip: Even if you buy energy efficient appliances, try to use them less often. For example, use a clothes line to try your clothes every once in a while instead of running your dryer.


  6. Conserve your air conditioner/heater use.

    Setting your thermostat a little lower in the winter and a lighter higher in the summer can save you a good amount alone. I know my electricity bill skyrockets whenever I’m blasting my air conditioner. In the summer, try opening the windows to let some fresh air in and in the winter try cuddling up in warm blankets and clothes.


  7. Recycle!

    Recycling is easy to do, and is such a big impact for the environment. Glass, metal, paper, aluminum, and so on, they are all recyclable. Interested in making some extra cash from recycling? Find a recycling collection center!


  8. Use paper products sparingly.

    Paper towels and napkins can put a dent in the environment. Consider switching to reusable cleaning cloths and napkins that can be washed. This will not only help you create less waste but it will also lower your monthly costs on expensive paper products.


  9. Get a water purifier.

    Using a water purifier, such as a Brita or Pur, can help you save costs on water products. I used to be an avid water bottle buyer, but I’ve recently switched to a Brita and fill my reusable water bottle. The savings really add up and you are using less plastic!


  10.  Invest in a hybrid or all electric car.

    This is obviously a big one, but if you’re in need of a new car or you’re looking – check out an energy efficient car! Not only does it give off less emissions, but it help you save on gas money.


    Pro tip: You may even be able to get a tax credit on your U.S federal taxes for the year you buy the vehicle.


It only takes a few easy changes to your daily habits for you to do your part in helping the environment. Not only will it help you save some good money, but you’ll set a great example for your friends and family!


Do you have any tips for living a greener life? Let us know below in the comments!

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