Best Things to Buy in February

Best Things to Buy in February

Keep your resolution of saving money and to having better savings habits by taking advantage of great shopping deals around these upcoming holidays—including the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents’ Day. 


The Upcoming Holidays for February Deals:

·         Super Bowl:  Sunday, February 4th

·         Valentine’s Day:  Wednesday, February 14th

·         Presidents’ Day:  Monday, February 19th


1.    Winter Apparel

Winter apparel is beginning to reach some of the lowest prices of the season as clothing racks start to make room for spring outfits.  Want the best deal for stocking up on the winter apparel you’ll need for next season?  Visit the clearance aisles first and think ahead to next year.  If you’re looking to replace a winter coat, now may be the right time to make that purchase.

2.   Televisions

The Super Bowl is a HUGE event.  It’s no wonder televisions are one of the most purchased items the first half of Feburary.  If you’re in the market, now’s the time!

3.    Mattresses

February’s one of the few months when mattresses are at their best prices—particularly on Presidents’ Day weekend.  Additionally, check to see if any of the potential mattresses you’re considering come with a free or discounted frame, box spring, or mattress cover.

4.    Home Goods

Presidents’ Day weekend provides an opportunity to catch some of the best deals of the year on home good items, such as bedding, furniture, and bath décor.  Research online and in local ads before the holiday weekend arrives to strategize a shopping plan to fit your budget.

5.    Tax Software

As Tax Day (April 17th) approaches, most tax software and service providers will be offering deals.  If you file early and want a chance of receiving a higher discount, then February’s a good time to make the purchase! 

6.    Valentine’s Day Themed Candy and Classroom Cards

The day after Valentine’s Day has a lot of shoppers hitting the stores to purchase the largely discounted heart/rose-shaped candies and cut-out classroom cards.  Because Valentine’s Day is always in the middle of the month, it leaves plenty of time to stock up for next year’s classroom Valentine’s Day activities if you’re in the teaching profession or have a little one still in school. 


Ready to create a savings goal for your next big purchase?  Choose from our different savings vehicles—regular savings, holiday savings, or a money market account


How do you plan on saving money in February?  Tell us in the comment section below!

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