10 Ways to Change Spending Habits into Savings Habits

10 Ways to Change Spending Habits into Savings Habits


It’s so easy to become addicted to shopping (I mean, who doesn’t love new things). With that being said, it’s important to get a grip on the habit if it’s causing you to lose your savings or you’re struggling to pay for the necessities.

Here are 10 easy ways you can turn your spending habits into saving habits:

  1. Research before you shop.

    Before you go to the store, go online and look for the lowest prices. You’ll find some stores have different prices for the same products. Make sure you’re getting the best deal!


  2. Sleep on purchases that aren’t a necessity.

    If something catches your eye but it’s not a necessity, sleep on it to prevent making an impulse purchase. You’ll benefit from the time to think whether or not it is financially responsible for you to spend your money.


  3. Track your spending!

    Tracking your spending and budgeting is so important. Having a visual of what you spend is a great way to put things into perspective and it might make you take a step back. Luckily, there are many apps that can help you with this (some will even create a budget for you).


  4. Use more cash.

    Using your credit/debit card can make it too easy to spend money. Seeing actual dollar bills might make it a little more difficult to buy those $100 shoes.


  5. Shop with a list.

    A list is a useful way to get in and out of the store. Only buying what’s on the list and will stop you from “window shopping” and making unnecessary purchases.


  6. Know the difference between wants and needs.

    If you are really trying to make cut backs in your spending, this will help. Distinguish what your necessities are vs. what you want to buy.


  7. Reward yourself!

    If there is something you are really wanting for yourself, make it happen through budgeting. If you weren’t a super spender all month, it’s okay to reward yourself with that new shirt or pair of shoes!


  8. Swap out brands to cut back.

    Often times you can hardly tell the difference between regular and generic brands. Switching brands can be almost unnoticeable and help save a pretty penny!


  9. Stop stress/emotional spending.

    Some people use shopping as a stress reliever and will go on a huge shopping spree to take their mind of things. If this is you, find a new hobby or activity to replace walking the mall!

    Pro tip: Instead of shopping, try running or reading a book! These can be relaxing and can help focus your mind.


  10. Take advantage of coupons and V.I.P programs.

    Coupons are wonderful. They can save you tens of hundreds of dollars’ over time. Apps and the internet have made it so easy to find and download them right to your phone.


     Also, many stores have V.I.P programs that can save you a percentage of your purchase. Look to see if your favorite store has one!

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The Credit Union offers Purchase Rewards which is a free (everyone loves free things, right?) program that lets you earn cash back for qualifying purchases made using your ABECU Visa debit card.

There are so many different ways to cut back spending. Let us know how you have changed your bad spending habits in the comments below!



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