7 Best Things to Buy in May

7 Best Things to Buy in May

Between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, there are a lot of opportunities to find great deals in May.  From appliances and home/office furnishings to electronics, check out our list to see how to maximize your time and money by finding the best deals. 

1.     Gym Memberships

As the weather improves, more people take their exercise routines outdoors.  May is a great month to price shop gym rates to get the best deal.

2.     Thrift Store Shopping

Spring cleaning is picking up which means more options at a local thrift store.  Additionally, you can take this time to clear out your own closet or basement.

3.     Digital Cameras

Most digital camera pricing start approaching larger discounts in May due to the introduction of newer models being sold at the beginning of the year.  Many retailers will be searching for a way to make room for what’s new, so keep an eye out for discounts on 2017 models.

4.     Furniture

Whether your plan is to update your office or refurnish your living room, May is filled with redecorating deals.  Office and home furniture is marked down after Tax Day to offer appealing deals to those receiving tax refunds soon.

5.     Refrigerators

New refrigerator models make their appearance in the summer.  If you’re looking to upgrade your existing refrigerator, you may be able to find a great deal this month.

6.     Vacuums

Enhance your spring cleaning with a new vacuum.  Just like refrigerators, newer models hit the sales floor in the summer so you’ll see some deals for this household appliance.

7.     Cookware

With graduation and wedding season coming into full swing, retailers eagerly discount cookware.  Memorial Day weekend is an ideal time to take advantage of the best deals.


It’s never too early to save for holiday gifts. 

While there’s more than five months before most U.S. shoppers start holiday shopping, consider easing your budget with a holiday savings account.  Building up holiday savings early can give you peace of mind when the time to shop for relatives and friends arrivse.


What deals are you hoping to grab in May?  Tell us in the comment section below.

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