Best Things to Buy in August

Best Things to Buy in August

August is the second highest spending period for shoppers—meaning there are awesome deals, price markdowns, and discounts, allowing shoppers to save money with end-of-summer sales. With summer festivities winding down, this month has money-saving-deals for you. Here’s our list of some of the best sales in August:


Although fall season is approaching, and winter holidays tagging along—the month of August is the moment for “seasonal summer deals”. Without a doubt, retail stores provide awesome deals on back-to-school supplies. Stock up on pens/pencils, loose-leaf paper, binders, planners, folders, a backpack, and any other school supplies that have price markdowns to literal cents.

Tissues, paper towels, and Kleenex, tend to be items included in back-to-school sales, in which shoppers forget about these household products. Even if you aren’t a student, or don’t have children, these major sales are available to everyone.

Buying school supplies in bulk is great for thinking ahead! You won’t be obligated to buy supplies next year, or worse, in the middle of the school year when there aren’t any sales.



Outdoor products/gear dramatically shifts in price, with discounts as high as 50% off, and some more. Patio furniture, pools, outside dining & seating sets, lawnmowers, and garden accessories reach low dollar amounts as retailers prepare for new inventory.


Stores want to clear out summer merchandise quickly, marking down prices to increase consumer sales. Summer clothes can be versatile, wearing them during breezy fall nights or snowy winter holidays. Pair a skirt with leggings/boots, a jacket/cardigan over short-sleeved shirts, or save your clearance-item for a future getaway.


According to marketing research firm NDP Group, the first three weeks of August is the best time to purchase a laptop or computer. It’s not always “what” to buy, but “when” to buy that can prevent buyer’s remorse, and ensure long-term satisfaction with purchases. Waiting after the New Year can be frustrating, but your money matters, so catch those August bargains!

Money matters Tip: Varying state-to-state, tax-free weekend occurs on specific dates for majority in August. General items include: school supplies, clothing, laptops/computers, printers, etc.




While produce can be bought year-round, many fruits and vegetables are at their highest peak during August harvesting. This includes: apples, blueberries, peaches, peppers, plums, raspberries, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, green beans, etc. Buying in season when they’re plentiful, taste better, and cheaper, helps for grocery shopping.

Freezing extra fruits & veggies keeps nutrients from degrading! Proper storage extends shelf-life, prevents waste/quick spoilage, to enjoy healthy foods year-round.



Did you know that August 23rd is known as “Cheap Flight Day”? This marks the date when airlines begin lowering their prices from the summer-peak travel season, up until Thanksgiving. Depending on the airline, booking date, and departure/destination, airfare prices can drop from 10 to 20%, plus more. For travelers planning ahead, this is the perfect timeframe to save money and book your next vacation.

Credit unions provide rewards programs to earn cash back & reward points for your purchases. Use reward points for opportunities such as airfare, hotel stays, electronics, cruises, housing equipment, plus more!

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What August-deals have you found? Share your shopping story or any tips!  

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