Best Things to Buy in September

Best Things to Buy in September

School’s back in session, long weekends have started, and the holidays will be here before you know it—the reasons to spend over-budget are endless! Make your dollar stretch further knowing what the best things to buy in September are, and when you should snag these deals.


Key Dates:  Labor Day weekend

It’s coming up fast, but the first weekend of September (fondly known as Labor Day weekend) is one of the best times of the year to get a good price on a new mattress.  Keep an eye out for outlets and retail stores to start posting sales in order to price compare before shopping.



Key Dates:  8-10 weeks before your trip

Traveling during the fall or winter holidays?  If you missed Cheap Flight Day in August, don’t worry—September is a great time to purchase those round-trip tickets!  As an additional tip, research uncommon times or dates for an even better deal.



Key Dates: All month

As the holiday season kicks into gear, stores are preparing to have newer appliance models for sale.  The entire month of September is a great time to grab a small or large appliance—especially if you’ve been waiting to make an overdue upgrade for your home!


summer clothes.jpg

Summer Apparel
Key Dates:  All month

Since the school year has started, summer clothes have moved to the clearance racks.  It won’t be difficult to find sales on summer apparel this time of year, but be wary of fall apparel because those won’t be on sale for another two months.

Pro-tip:  Summer clothes are an awesome layering tool for fall and winter outfits! 



Key Dates:  All month

Got a green thumb?  September is a perfect month to stock up on summer plants, trees, and shrubs that are starting to hibernate.  Cooler temperatures are coming, which is ideal for filling your landscape with perennials. 


Key Date:  September 29th

National Coffee Day is Saturday, September 29th!  For coffee lovers everywhere that can feel like forever to wait, but this is a moment to treasure.  You can spend the whole month researching local coffee joints and any favorite chain coffee shops to find your next favorite flavor before taking advantage of a great deal on a cup of joe.



Key Dates:  September 5th & September 20th

Back to school time can mean finding a new after work schedule—which includes reintroducing more flexible dinners (like, pizza?).  Pizza’s got your back this month with two days to celebrate:  National Cheese Pizza Day is September 5th and National Pepperoni Pizza Day is September 20th. 


school supplies.jpg

School Supplies
Key Dates:  All month

Whether someone in your household is attending school or you just love buying school supplies, September is a great time to go hunting for the items left on the shelves.  While the selection may be sparse, you can’t beat the prices.



Lawn Mowers and Outdoor Gear
Key Dates:  All month

Lawn mowers, grills, planters, picnic items… all of these items will be cleared out with the rest of the larger summer inventory.

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