Worst Things to Buy in November

Worst Things to Buy in November

With Black Friday deals gearing up for the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday following, there aren’t many items you’ll need to avoid purchasing in November.  However, there are a few purchases you should price check.  Here’s our list to watch this month:

1.     Airfare
Traveling becomes more popular as the holidays arrive.  Keep an eye out for rather extreme prices fluctuations.  Combine higher ticket sales with potentially harmful flying weather and flying becomes less appealing.  Consider alternative travel forms, such as buses, trains, or driving to your destination.

2.     Cars
Car dealerships know the holidays are a great way to start promoting end-of-year sales, but the truth is November can still be on the high side for purchasing a vehicle.  If you know you’ll be in the market this winter for a new car, try holding off until the end of December or January.  2017 models will be marked at better deals to make room for 2018 inventory.

3.    Exercise Equipment
Exercise equipment will start to slowly go on sale, but the month of January is when retailers will meet better prices to match more fitness resolutions for the year.

furniture rearranged

4.     Furniture
Furniture has the best deals twice a year:  end of December and July.  If you can hold off buying new pieces to change up your major living spaces, you’ll see some of the lowest prices the day after Christmas.

5.     Mattresses
Mattress retailers won’t mark any large discounts on their inventory until Memorial Day weekend. 

Holiday decorations

6.     Holiday Decorations
It’s an unfortunate fact that holiday decorations are in high demand this month, so prices will be on the higher-end.  However, if you like to stock up on holiday decorations during this time of year and want to stick to a tight budget, check out local dollar stores or resale shops. 

Author Shopping Tip:  Last year, I stopped at my local “Dollar Store: and Habitat for Humanity ReStore to find holiday decorations and was able to score decorations for my apartment—including a Christmas Tree!—for $50.


Don’t forget to spend wisely.

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What are Your Smart Holiday Shopping Tips?
Share your shopping strategy in the comments below!

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