Worst Things to Buy in December

Worst Things to Buy in December

It’s that time of year, sale stickers decorating every aisle in every store.  But what about the items worth waiting for?  There are a few purchases that might be worth the wait until after the holidays.


1.    Cars.  2018 models are getting ready to be promoted throughout the New Year, so if you can wait to purchase a vehicle until the end December you’ll get an even better deal.


2.    Watches.  Watches are a very popular item during the holiday season, so if you’re stuck deciding between this gift and another option you may want to consider the alternative. 


3.    Calendars.  This may be an item you can’t avoid purchasing—and that’s okay!  Just remember to shop around, and see where you can get next year’s calendar for a good deal.


4.    Holiday Decorations.  Following up from our Hidden Holiday Costs post, decorations for this time of year can become a large expense quickly.  If you need to purchase new decorations this time of year, be kind to your budget by stopping at your local dollar store or resale shop and grab a few temporary items that can get you through the season.  By the time the holidays are over, all of the high-dollar items will have big discounts.


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Have you found certain items in December we should avoid purchasing?  Share your list in the comment section below!

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Best Things to Buy in December

Best Things to Buy in December