Best Things to Buy in January

Best Things to Buy in January

For many, January is the month of resolutions and a time to create better habits in two major categories:  health and finances.  Check out our list on these two major categories, and more.


1.     Gym memberships.

It’s the perfect time of year to shop around for the most competitive membership rates.  Some of the best deals could include waiving sign-up fees or providing a free month of membership. 

Getting the best deal:  Looking for the best gym membership in your area?  Start with prioritizing what your workout and service needs are at any local gym.  Some will provide daycare hours or special classes included with your membership. 

2.    Fitness Equipment.

Fitness equipment is at its best price at the beginning of the year.  With the rise in gym memberships acquired in January, one of the best ways to bring a workout resolution to reality is to purchase equipment and have the convenience of a small gym in your home.

Getting the best deal:  If you’re shopping for equipment that doesn’t require testing the product in person, check out large discount sites like Groupon that have health and fitness categories with competitive prices.


3.     National Parks—January 18th

All 409 national parks will have free admission on Monday, January 18th, 2018—also known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  A few of the larger parks to mention are Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Olympic National Park.

Getting the best deal:  While admission may be free, parking a vehicle could still have a fee.  Taking alternative forms of transportation into the parks, such as biking, walking, or rollerblading, will save on parking costs.


4.     Tax Software

Most tax software and service providers offer deals throughout tax season, but January is a great time to get a good deal if you prefer to file early.  The even better news is this product will continue to have discounted prices and a wider variety of options that continue throughout the month and could save big on your returns.

Getting the best deal:  Shop around. Some of the best prices will include the cost of submitting state and federal returns.


5.     Calendars

January is the best time to find the calendar or 2018 planner that speaks to you.  While calendars might have better deals throughout the year, each month that passes will be one more without a chance to write on this purchase.  The best thing about a new calendar is finding the one that matches your goals for the future.

Getting the best deal:  Decide what kind of calendar or planner matters to your goal tracking for 2018 and visit your favorite retailer, either online or in store. 

6.     Holiday Décor

If you are looking to add to your holiday decorations, now is the time!  Most retailers will be marking down items to their lowest prices in order to make room for the next big holiday—Valentine’s Day.

Getting the best deal:  There are great deals everywhere for holiday décor from home goods retailers to grocery stores and pharmacies!  Visit any of your favorite places for holiday decorations and set your budget as you need! 


Planning on making some big financial resolutions in 2018?  Our Resource Center has items built for planning your future—from family financial planning to credit management.

Ready to put your financial trust with a local credit union?  Open an account today.

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